STIRA Simple Toolkit for Image Restoration and Analysis


STIRA is software I have written myself in C++ combined with interesting code I found on the web. It stands for Simple Toolkit for Image Restoration and Analysis. It is written mainly with readability of the code in mind and with as few dependencies as possible (to avoid the dependency hell). Also, it was written with portability in mind (however, at this moment it is only available in linux). It consists of two parts:

  • a pure C++ toolkit of libraries and test suites, using used the Qt project system, but not linking any Qt libraries. Please note that the code also contains integrated code snippets from the web, so check the corresponding source files for their copyright before using them.
  • A GUI written in Qt to demonstrate some (but not all) of the functionalities of STIRA.
  • Link to GitHub repository for STIRA with GUI and doxygen documentation

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