Main functionalities

STIRA main functionalities

  • Image import and export, internal for ppm/pgm, other formats through openCV
  • Image histogram, normalized histogram, cumulative histogram
  • Image color space transformations: RGB (sRGB, Adobe RGB), HSV, HSI, Lab, Luv, XYZ
  • Image transforms: several wavelets, steerable pyramid, Fourier (using FFTW and KISS FFT)
  • Image convolution using FFT (by FFTW lib)
  • Deconvolution: Wiener, Richardson-Lucy combined with several regularization schemes
  • Noise filtering: wavelet shrinkage, non-local means
  • Contrast enhancement: histogram equalization, Multiscale Retinex
  • Analysis: Canny edge detector, Steger line detector, watershed, Hough transform, Histogram of Oriented Gradients, Distance transform, Thinning