STIRA  0.1
STIRA (old name FRIEP) Simple Toolkit for Image Restoration and Analysis

STIRA (old name FRIEP) stands for Simple Toolkit for Image Restoration and Analysis. This toolkit aims to provide a clearly written, well-documented, independent C++ toolkit for image restoration and analysis. With "simple", "clear" and "well-written", we aim to make the threshold to use the code as low as possible by limiting number of lines per method, choosing well-readable names for variables, methods and classes and avoiding code duplication through inheritance and usage of templates. All functions are provided with doxygen documentation with some explanation of the method and all of its parameters. Independent refers to the fact that the toolkit is self-contained, so not depending on external libraries. The only exceptions are FFTW3 ( and OpenCV 2.0 ( code was written by myself unless stated otherwise. Some methods or algorithms were based on code or pseudocode published online. In that case, the references are mentioned in the doxygen comments for those methods.

This is a list of external source code integrated in STIRA:

Filip Rooms ( (
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