Music theory


  • Famous electronic sounds
  • Hoe zet je ideeen om in volwaardige nummers
  • Ableton manual
  • How to Make Techno with Tom Hades at ADE 2018
  • Robert Henke with one of my favorite installations: Deep Web
  • Jarre presenting his favorite instruments (official website)
  • Valery Vermeulen Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design
  • 63 In-Depth Synthesis Tutorials by Sound on Sound
  • Equipboard check which artist uses which equipment
  • synthesizer academy site dedicated to help you learn about synthesis and the creation of electronic music. If you’re looking for a synthesizer tutorial, this is the site for you!
  • MatrixSynth
  • Born to produce with interesting sample free lessons in the module Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers
  • ElectronicBeats music news blog
  • Inner working of synthesizers
  • 10 Types of Synthesis, Explained: FM, Vector, and More
  • MIDI

    • The MIDI Association The global community of people who work, play and create with MIDI
    • MIDI on wikipedia
    • MIDI (Video) How Midi Works Tutorials- Midi Ports & Daisy Chaining
    • MIDI (Video) Intro to MIDI for Idiots - from a pianist perspective

    Doctor Mix

    Playing music from Tangerine Dream (most by Graal7):