Installation dual boot Linux on Dell XPS 15 9560

UBUNTU with CUDA ON XPS15-9570

Based on

1. Preparations in Windows:

2. Preparations in BIOS (click F2 repeatedly during booting)

  • system configuration -> SATA operation -> AHCI (+save)
  • secure boot -> secure boot enable -> disable
  • General -> Advanced boot options -> Enable legacy Option ROMs
  • General -> Boot Sequence -> switch UEFI to Legacy

3. Installation (Press F12 repeatdly during boot)

  • Select UEFI boot -> (name of the USB stick)
  • in the boot menu -> select Install Ubuntu, but don't enter yet but press "e" to edit boot options and add "acpi=off" to the line with "linux" (which usually ends with something like "quiet splash" and press ctrl+X to save and continue
  • proceed as usual. You will get the option to install linux next to windows

4. Postprocessing

  • Don't forget to put BIOS setting back in General -> Boot Sequence -> switch back from Legacy to UEFI or the boot loader won't be found