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Random Class Reference


struct  dSquared

Public Member Functions

 Random (long seed)
 Random (const Random &r)
Randomoperator= (const Random &r)
void reset (long seed)
void reset (void)
double arcsine (double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double beta (double v, double w, double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double cauchy (double a=0., double b=1.)
double chiSquare (int df)
double cosine (double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double doubleLog (double xMin=-1., double xMax=1.)
double erlang (double b, int c)
double exponential (double a=0., double c=1.)
double extremeValue (double a=0., double c=1.)
double fRatio (int v, int w)
double gamma (double a, double b, double c)
double laplace (double a=0., double b=1.)
double logarithmic (double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double logistic (double a=0., double c=1.)
double lognormal (double a, double mu, double sigma)
double normal (double mu=0., double sigma=1.)
double parabolic (double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double pareto (double c)
double pearson5 (double b, double c)
double pearson6 (double b, double v, double w)
double power (double c)
double rayleigh (double a, double b)
double studentT (int df)
double triangular (double xMin=0., double xMax=1., double c=0.5)
double uniform (double xMin=0., double xMax=1.)
double userSpecified (double(*usf)(double, double, double), double xMin, double xMax, double yMin, double yMax)
double weibull (double a, double b, double c)
bool bernoulli (double p=0.5)
int binomial (int n, double p)
int geometric (double p)
int hypergeometric (int n, int N, int K)
void multinomial (int n, double p[], int count[], int m)
int negativeBinomial (int s, double p)
int pascalDistribution (int s, double p)
int poisson (double mu)
int uniformDiscrete (int i, int j)
double empirical (void)
int empiricalDiscrete (void)
double sample (bool replace=true)
void sample (double x[], int ndim)
cartesianCoord stochasticInterpolation (void)
cartesianCoord bivariateNormal (double muX=0., double sigmaX=1., double muY=0., double sigmaY=1.)
cartesianCoord bivariateUniform (double xMin=-1., double xMax=1., double yMin=-1., double yMax=1.)
cartesianCoord corrNormal (double r, double muX=0., double sigmaX=1., double muY=0., double sigmaY=1.)
cartesianCoord corrUniform (double r, double xMin=0., double xMax=1., double yMin=0., double yMax=1.)
sphericalCoord spherical (double thMin=0., double thMax=M_PI, double phMin=0., double phMax=2.*M_PI)
void sphericalND (double x[], int n)
double avoidance (void)
void avoidance (double x[], int ndim)
bool tausworthe (unsigned n)
void tausworthe (bool *bitvec, unsigned n)


bool operator== (const Random &p, const Random &q)
bool operator!= (const Random &p, const Random &q)
istream & operator>> (istream &is, Random &rv)

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