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Personal data:

Name: Filip Rooms
Born on: 1st of July 1975 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
E-mail: filip dot rooms at gmail dot com
Linked-In profile:

Personal interests and hobbies:

  • Digital image processing and restoration: was the topic of my Ph.D research. An interest grown from my graduation thesis work and from my interest in astronomy (degraded images from the Hubble Space Telescope e.g.). More general, image processing and interpretation is one of my major interests. Recently, it is more oriented to computer vision.
  • Astronomy.
  • Music and related stuff. I like all kinds of good music.
    • The Eighties. Sometimes also Bob Marley, The Beatles, Doe Maar, ...
    • Electronic music: It all started with popular synthesizer music, like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Later, I also developed a taste for synthesizer music, on the edge of new age and ambient, like Tangerine Dream, Software, Klaus Schulze. More recently, it evolves to lounge music (Buddha Bar, Plastyc Buddha, ...).
    • In fact, I like more and more different kinds of music...
  • Computers and internet.
  • Humor, especially the "Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy" of Douglas Adams, but also Monty Python, Mel Brooks and related...
  • Geekcode (see also The geekcode decoder page)
    GS/CS d+ s: a- C++ ULIS++ P+ L++ E-- W++ N++ o+ K- w O M V PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP t+ 5+ X+ R- tv b+ DI+ D G e+++ h

Work experience:

  • jan 2000 - jun 2005: Researcher (PhD student) at Ghent University, Belgium. Research and comparison of deconvolution algorithms in image processing (implemented in matlab and C). Teaching of Office Automatization (Master after Master course: teaching students advanced working with Office software)
  • jun 2005 - mar 2008 : Researcher/developer at IncGEO. Investigating and implementing software for computer vision in geographical and remote sensing applications (tools: C++, Qt, ...).
  • apr 2008 - ... : Postdoc at Ghent University, Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing. Follow-up of research projects.


1987-1993: General Secundary Education (highschool) Scientific B at Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie in Sint-Niklaas
1993-1994: Special scientific education (seventh year of highschool, with only mathematics) at the Sint-Amandusinstitute, Ghent
1994-1999: Licentiate in physics (option experimental physics) at Ghent University, Belgium (3rd year: distinction, 4th year great distinction. Degree of diploma: distinction.) More about my licentiate thesis.
1999-2000 Researcher at the faculty of Bio-engineering at the dept. of Molecular Biotechnology under Prof. P. Van Oostveldt. This work was focused on biophysics and imaging in cell biology (confocal fluorescence microscopy) and image processing techniques.
2000-2005 PhD "Nonlinear Techniques in Image Restoration applied to Confocal Microscopy", defended with sucess on friday, 10th of June 2005 at Ghent University, Belgium. The work was supervised bij prof. dr. ir. W. Philips at the faculty of engineering, department TELIN. See here for more details, the full thesis in PDF format, members of the jury during the defense, etc.

Research stays in foreign institutions

2004: Departement of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Universidad de Granada, Spain. Host: prof. dr. Javier Portilla (2 months), who now works at the Instituto de Óptica in Madrid, Spain.

Publications and awards

Knowledge of languages:

Language spoken written
Dutch Native Native
French well well
English very well very well
German moderate moderate
Spanish basics basics


  • Since 2009 an active member of JCI Gent. JCI stands for Junior Chamber International, a worldwide organization that provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. On regional level, JCI Gent is part of JCI Vlaanderen and JCI Belgium.
  • 1990 member of VVS (=Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, the Belgian Association for amateur astronomers)
  • Since 1990 member of VVS (=Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, the Belgian Association for amateur astronomers)
  • 1995-99: student representative in the physics education commission
  • 1998-99: student representative in the working group for preperation for the visitation commission physics at Ghent University)
  • European Driving Licence B
  • Certificate Practical Spanish level 2 at Ghent University Language Center