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I am now (september 2006 until now) working to rewrite the code below and some more in C++. People who want to join me and help me in this effort, please contact me. The idea is to make everything available in a source forge project in the end. However, progress is slow since I already have a fulltime job in software development related to other topics.

The current status doxygen documentation of the core code is unfortunately no longer available due to confidential parts in the code from collaboration with industrial partners. Next to this core libraries and tools, there is also a GUI written in Qt. See here for some screenshots, generated images and processed results.

Old software

These programs are source files of C-programs. This software is written by me, a non computer scientist, so it's not optimized in any way. If you have suggestions, ideas, improvements you like to share with me, please send me a mail. Please note that these programs are free to use and redistribute, but just acknowledge the time I've spent coding.

I mainly use two libraries:


Some programs:

All can be compiled with this Makefile (just change the name of the program and the location of the FFTW libary include and lib directory.

Wiener filter

A simple implementation of the wienerfilter for image restoration. The program asks for an input image, the sigma of the gaussian PSF, a name for an output file and the SNR.

Fourier transform visualizer


Steerable filter and orientation analysis (as in Freeman et. al.)

See for this article for the background of this program.

Richardson-Lucy deconvolution


Steerable pyramids (as in Portilla, Simoncelli with free number of orientations and scales

Real steerable pyramid decomposition/reconstruction
Complex steerable pyramid decomposition/reconstruction